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What would you get if you put Hotline Miami, Command and Conquer: Red Alert and the 90s Terminator movies in a blender... aside from a whole lot of broken discs?

A top down multidirectional shooter with a pulsating soundtrack and plenty of carnage, that's what. CyberCrisis is a thrilling hot metal ride through a dystopian wasteland where killer robots have taken over the earth - and your sector's under attack. 

Nuke your enemies with a range of weapons, collect the leftover scrap to earn money and then use it to repair and upgrade your tank. Choose from onboard autoaiming weaponry, upgrading your chassis, summon aerial strikes or even install an in-tank CD player that feeds directly from your PCs disc drive (if it still has one!)

Blast through the Campaign mode and get to the extraction point (helipad) to win the game and unlock two more play modes:

        Survival - Free play mode

        Time to kill - Free play mode against the clock - set how long you want to play for and then relax and enjoy the neon washed combat with no fear of playing for too long and not getting back to your life. It even has a stats screen at the end to show you how you did on your little rampage, how'd you like that?


Both a quick tutorial and game controls are included and there's a fair bit to memorise, but the quick run down is:

WSAD - Move your tank

Left/Right arrow keys - Aim your turret

Space - Fire

Left and Right square bracket keys - Access the ingame shop. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, IF YOU DO NOT REGULARLY REPAIR YOUR TANK, YOU WILL DIE.

Q - Quick heal (if you've got the dough!)

Install instructions

Run the install creator program, then run CyberCrisis.exe to play

NOTE: If you are prone to  seizures or light  sensitivity, please disable Strobe Mode in the options menu. This is  only really a problem in Time to kill mode, but I felt it should be pointed out anyway.


Install CyberCrisis v1.0.exe 57 MB

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